Real estate management is a matter of trust!


The property management Brandstätter Michael deals with the administration (billing and organization as well as economic consulting) of apartments, housing property, interest, rental and office buildings as well as with the rehabilitation of your objects.

  • Our company philosophy is to find a favorable and satisfactory solution for all residents.
  • Seriousness through trust accounts for each individual object.
  • We are the first bid for multiple companies and reviewing them.
  • We always try to achieve as for example in the area of operating costs and thereby cause any reduction in the cost cost optimization.
  • Thanks to modern IT, optimal technical office infrastructure and trained employees as well as licensed real estate administrators, we are immediately in a position to provide you with the desired information.

We try to be there for you and your problem individually.

In order to be able to take the necessary time for you, we ask for an appointment agreement.

We look forward to a personal meeting.

"Satisfied customers are our success!"
.... and that since 1997