MBB Bauträger GmbH was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of Immobilien Brandstätter GmbH.

MBB Bauträger GmbH deals with the renovation of objects, organization and projecting of new construction projects on own and foreign account. We take over all the tasks of authorities, clarification of all development requirements as well as planning, consultation and commissioning of the architects. Of course, we also take over all the coordination such as financing, negotiations with banks, tendering, cost comparison and professional construction supervision.

The main task of MBB Bauträger GmbH is to find suitable residential areas for your new home and to plan and build apartments, townhouses, attic extensions, etc.

Your responsible contact for all questions of project development and construction!

  • From the project idea over
  • Land procurement
  • Agency approvals
  • Financing
  • Construction management
  • up to the turnkey handover of the respective project.


Completed Projects:

  • Mariatrosterstraße - 8043 Graz 4 Semi-detached houses
  • Gartengasse - 8010 Graz Increase, attic extensions, office redevelopment
  • Waltendorferhauptstraße - 8010 Graz Renovation of 4 apartments 1 office, 1 business object
  • Lagergasse - 8020 Graz Reconstruction and revitalization of a car house to two offices, an event center with gastronomy
  • Beethovenstraße - 8010 Graz Top floor construction and renovation
  • Conrad v. Hötzendorfstraße - 8010 Graz Reconstruction, renovation of a garden apartment
  • Leonhardtstraße - 8010 Graz Attic extensions, 8 subsidized rented apartments
  • Jakob Rettenbachergasse - 8010 Graz General renovation of an old building


Projekte in Bearbeitung bzw. in Planung:

  • Waltendorf - 8010 Graz Designing 2-6 residential units with garden and terrace
  • Lagergasse - 8020 Graz Designing of 2 loft maisonettes
  • 8020 Graz - Near district court design of 8 apartments
  • 8020 Graz - Buchkogelweg Projecting a micro house


MBB Bauträger GmbH

8010 Graz, Gartengasse 12

Tel.: +43 (0)316 321 383-12
Fax : +43 (0)316 321-383-32